It’s going to be a good morning – Turmeric Smoothie.

I am in LOVE this bright yellow smoothie these days. My friend, Katie, invited me to a neighborhood raw juice spot near the yoga studio that I work at last week. Without hesitation, I ordered my usual go to – a turmeric smoothie!   The color, balance and flavor of this smoothie is on point and I […]

Gluten Free Vegan Frittata for a Lovely Brunch

The king of brunch is EGG! Egg Benedict is always fancy. But sometimes, you just want flavorful yet light egg dish like FRITTATA. I hosted a kombucha workshop 101 at my house this past Sunday and 5 beautiful yogis in Pittsburgh came out to learn how to make their own kombucha. I wanted offer a […]

Pack the sweetness in a jar: Simple Blueberry Preserves

When you have an enthusiastic cook at your cafe, is it a good thing? Besides teaching yoga, I work at this amazing cafe/restaurant called B52 in Pittsburgh. We make literally everything from scratch except Heinz ketchup. Vegan cashew cheese, yogurt, almond milk, bread, soda…really EVERYTHING! Maybe you could already guess: It is a complete vegan […]

Harmonize Your Chakra -Rainbow Soba Noodle Salad

I love summer! I love spring! They are filled with bright colors. But brightness stands out even more in the presence of cool hues. When people ask me “What is your favorite color?”, I always tell them… “RAINBOW!!” I just love all the colors because they each have uniqueness. My cooking is often simple but fresh […]

Hello, World! Vegan Caramel Latte is Here.

I wanted to start my blog sooner than it took. I am a girl who wants to do so much more than she could handle but slowly realizing things happen with patience. So my first post is all about this delicious and nutty “Caramel Latte”. What, not chocolates!? Don’t worry, they are on their way… QUALITY […]

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