Value shifts.

Nepal is not necessarily the richest country in the world, but it was to me. When you look at the peaks of brutal but gorgeous mountains,¬†you realize that you are a small part yet very important part of this planet. People there were much more alive than I was. They were curious, willing, welcoming and […]

No editing – Ecuador 2012

This is just a tiny bit of what I saw back in 2012, Ecuador. I did not think I was going to have a blog then. The quality of camera was not great, but the memory that stayed with me is still something significant. This was the moment that I realized I could be free. […]

Looking back… Hello, India.

I travelled to India alone for a yoga teacher training in 2013. The reason why I went there for the specific year was that I needed a break from my five year of unhealthy relationship. The relationship was already done, but I just needed to know it was for sure DONE for myself. I am […]

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